Where curious taste buds raised on San Francisco's multi-cultural, holistically focused cuisine and Brooklyn's slow-food, high quality epicure culture meet...

fog city sundries


  Fog City Sundries is a business that started as a stall at the Bushwick Farmer's Market in 2014 by one young lady, Fog City's chef and owner.

Fog City is a homage to my beloved hometown of San Francisco, as seen in its usual foggy state above. Sundries is to encompass all I hope to eventually bring to you: dry mixes, cookies, recipe zines, and more! 

The nut butters and honeys I offer are a truly unique line of products in the breadth of variety and flavors, bringing you high quality ingredients and flavor experiences.


Fog City Sundries' goal is to share delicious affordable foods with absolutely nothing added but nature's ingredients, culinary playfulness, and pure love.

I strive to create a products that uses as many organic, fair trade, or local products as possible while keeping my prices relatively low.  

Ultimately, I hope my clients can enjoy my products while knowing they are supporting a small, woman/chef owned food business that is part of a community and focuses on product instead of profit.



Besides focusing on making foods for your pleasure, my life's work is in community health education and holistic health.  

Socially and environmentally sustainable product sourcing across the board.

Food products that are: well sourced (such as my bee friendly almonds or local, small supplier honey and maple syrup), fresh, exciting, and given love from start to finish.

You will taste these values in everything I make.